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ClearCase Support: How to Check ClearCase VOB Size

The command to query the size of a VOB is this:

cleartool space VOB_NAME

For example:

 $ cleartool space /vob/test
  Use(Mb)  %Use  Directory
      0.1    0%  administration data /vob_partition/test/admin
    100.0    0%  VOB database /vob_partition/test/db
      0.8    0%  cleartext pool /vob_partition/test/c/cdft
      0.0    0%  derived object pool /vob_partition/test/d/ddft
    200.0    0%  source pool /vob_partition/test/s/sdft
 --------  ----  ---------------------------------------------------------
    300.9    0%  Subtotal
 100234.4   50%  Filesystem VOB_SERVER:/vob_partition (capacity 200468.8 Mb)
 Total usage 28-Mar-08.05:00:21 for vob "/vob/test" is 300.9 Mb

If you want to capture the disk space for all VOBs, use this command:

cleartool space -avobs

I recommend that you save the output of this command to a file, since the output will be very large if you have a lot of VOBs.

by Phil for Humanity
on 03/28/2008

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