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Deforestation and Global Warming

Did you know that an estimated 20% of global warming is caused by deforestation?

When trees breathe in carbon dioxide from the air, trees absorb and sequester carbon, and they slowly exhale oxygen that all animals breathe. So when trees are killed, either chopped down for wood or burned for land, the carbon in the trees is released back into the atmosphere. The loss of entire forests for these purposes is called deforestation.

Having too much carbon in the atmosphere has been proven by most scientists and researchers to cause global warming. Unfortunately, humanity is rapidly losing most of the world’s forests. Thus, fewer forests indicate that fewer trees are sequestering carbon and more carbon is being released into the atmosphere. Thus, global climate change is increasing at an exponential rate.

If humanity wants to stop and even reverse global warming, then mankind must not only stop deforestation, but mankind must also plant millions of acres of trees to counteract all the ways that carbon is released into the atmosphere, such as burning fossil fuels. For example, all cars, trucks, and airplanes that use oil and gasoline as fuel are estimated to contribute another 20% of all carbon into the atmosphere. Luckily, one of the easiest methods for controlling the world’s climate is by planting trees and entire forests.

Therefore, plant more trees around your property and community. Literally plant as many trees as you possibly can.

Also, contact your government’s leaders, and help make net carbon emissions equal to zero a priority.

by Phil for Humanity
on 07/15/2007

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