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Environmentalism versus Humanitism

Which is more important, the environment or humanity? Let me first define and discuss each one.

Environmentalism is a cause that advocates "the preservation, restoration, or improvement of the natural environment". Environmentalists have had both successes and failures. Such as saving Florida alligators from extinction, yet at the same time other species are continuing to become extinct. Obviously, environmentalism has a fundamental flaw whereby it is not always successful. Maybe it is because not enough people care about the environment to actual do something, or maybe because companies and governments are not caring and proactive enough either. Whatever the reason, environmentalists have the flexibility of failing and then being able to trying again, whereby maybe trying new and innovative ways to be more successful the next time.

Humanitism is a philosophy for the continued survival and perpetuation of the human race. Humanitists (people who believe in humanitism) do not have the luxury of trying again after failing. Humanitists must be more vigilant than environmentalists, because we will not have a second chance at survival.

The survival of humanity is more important than the well being of our environment, however the environment is necessary for humanity to survive. That does not give the right for big businesses to continue doing whatever they want with only minimal or no consideration for the environment, so long as our surroundings support human life. We need to protect the environment for the continued survival and future well being of humanity. Keep in mind that without the human race, there would be no one and no need to protect the environment. Therefore, humanitism is more important than environmentalism.

by Phil for Humanity
on 08/21/2006

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