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Why there is Little Concern for the Environment

Most scientists believe global warming is real. Most liberals and democrats from the "left" believe pollution is a major problem that will cause a climate crisis in the near future. Even conservatives and republicans from the "right" believe that even if global warming is fictional, going green will result with cleaner air and a safer environment for future generations.

So, why is it with most people believing that pollution is bad and maybe causing global warming is there so little action? The answer is simply that apathy and laziness are to blame.

Unless a problem is indisputable and directly impacting people’s lives, people are much more likely to be not concerned and more likely to not take any action.

Therefore, pollution is not an issue between the republicans and democrats, conservatives versus liberals, or even the "left" versus the "right". The pending climate crisis is an issue against people’s carelessness and apathy.

So the question that I have for you is how to make people care and take action for the environment?

by Phil for Humanity
on 12/24/2007

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