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Mankind Seriously Need

Mankind has a need... a very strong need. A need that too few people realize and fewer people are working to resolve.

This need is mankind's necessity to seriously address each of the world's largest problems. These problems include, but not limited to, pollution, climate change, over population, food and water shortages, diseases, renewable energy, dwindling resources, and the need to recycle everything.

Never, in the entire history of mankind, has all of humanity needed anything more. As I have mentioned before, this need is a necessity for the continued survival of mankind. This is because the only future that mankind can possibly have is a sustainable future, and a sustainable future can only be achieved if mankind becomes extremely serious in tackling each of the world's biggest problems.

In my opinion, there is currently not enough action being done, since the Earth's resources are decreasing at a faster rate than the Earth can replace them, in addition to mankind's use of non-renewable resources.

As for when this serious action is necessary, it is needed now. It may already be too late to prevent future deaths, famines, and wars due to the lack of resources, but now is the time to seriously start resolving mankind's most important problems.

I think there is only one possible solution to address each of mankind's issues, and that is by governments and businesses spending a huge amount of money on research and development. Therefore, more scientists and engineers will be able to investigate and resolve our biggest issues.

by Phil for Humanity
on 11/08/2008

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