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No One has the Right to Pollute

No one has the right to pollute on our property.

No one has the right to pollute the air that we breathe.

No one has the right to pollute the water that we drink or swim in.

No one has the right to pollute anywhere that may harm us.

It is a scientific fact that a lot of power plants and factories discharge pollution in the environment that is harmful to people, including you and me. This toxic pollution is sometimes even deadly in large concentrations or even in small concentrations with prolonged exposure. At the very least, this harmful pollution is known to cause diseases, illnesses, and shortened life spans for everyone.

Yet why is this allowed?

The obvious answer is profit. Companies make a lot of money producing energy and manufacturing goods that consumers purchase. A lot of these companies also produce harmful pollution as a byproduct of creating their merchandise and service. And since companies do not profit from their pollution, these companies dump their pollution into the environment even though they do not have a right to harm people this way. Even when the harm and damage from pollution is very minute and slow, it may not be evident until the distance future.

Therefore, it is only logical and safe to completely prevent businesses from polluting the environment at all. The only way to achieve this goal is for all companies to be required to sequester all pollution that they produce.

Please think about what I just wrote for a moment.

by Phil for Humanity
on 01/03/2008

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