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People are Stupid

Let’s face reality. People are stupid... really stupid.

Regular people, in other words all of us, have repeatedly proven ourselves not smart enough to solve the most critical problems of the world; such as preventing global warming, finding pollution free sources of energy, world peace, curing deadly pandemics like HIV, etc.

Heck, we’re not even smart enough to figure out good solutions for problems that we have been trying to resolve for thousands of years; such as famine prevention, political corruption, stable economies, balanced budgets, good education for all our children, healthcare for everyone, social security, etc.

Humanity is so stupid that I am surprised that civilization has survived for so long. Unfortunately higher education and advanced technology has not helped us to completely solve any of our problems, so we need to somehow make ourselves significantly smarter.

Since I do not expect normal geniuses in the near future to solve all of humanity’s problems, I predict that humanity will artificially create super intelligent beings to help humanity in the future. These being will be created through genetic engineering, cybernetic enhancements, or artificially intelligent computers, and these beings will be exponentially more intelligent than current and past human geniuses.

As anyone who watches movies will tell you, Hollywood almost always expects super intelligent beings to take over or destroy the world instead of helping humanity. This is unfortunate, since any hyper intelligent beings created will be dependent on humanity and civilization as we are. Thus, it would be in their best interests to help humanity prosper.

In conclusion, we regular humans are not smart enough to solve the world's problems. So we can only hope that in the future, we will have super intelligent companions who will care and help humanity.

by Phil for Humanity
on 07/07/2007

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