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Ending the Hatred and Conflicts in the Middle East

In my opinion, most of the people of the Middle East, especially their leaders, need to seriously grow up by a few thousand years.

Almost the entire history of the Middle East consists of hatred and wars against their neighbors. And the multiple (supposedly peaceful) religions in the region do not seem to help either. They probably make matters worse.

How I see it, there is only a single two-part solution to these long-lasting hatred and wars in the Middle East.

First, the people living in the Middle East must realize and accept that other people are different and have different beliefs. Whatever wars are fought, bombs explode, killings executed in the name of God or revenge, lands stolen, or atrocities that are carried out; none of these activities are going to convince their enemies to change their evil ways.

Second and most importantly, the people in the Middle East need to look in the future and not in the past. Nothing good can come out of looking into the past there. Their history is filled with so much evil from all sides that everyone craves revenge.

Unfortunately, unless everyone kills each other, the current political chaos in the Middle East will never stop. The only truly good alternative is for all sides to reflect on their activities and cease their evil deeds.

In other words, the people in the Middle East need to stop trying to stop their enemies; but instead, the people of the Middle East need to understand and forgive their enemies and then stop themselves.

by Phil for Humanity
on 03/02/2010

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