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The Only Future is a Sustainable Future

Currently, humanity is taking more resources from the Earth than the planet can renew. Additionally, humanity is also quickly using natural resources that are not renewable.

Therefore, the only viable option is for humanity to become completely self sustaining. That means all resources, such as water, food, raw materials, and fuel, must be from renewable resources for civilization to continue as is.

I fully understand that the transition to a self sustaining civilization will be slow and costly; however environmental pressures and eventually economic pressures will make this a necessity very soon. Therefore, humanities only option is when and how to convert to renewable-only resources.

The earlier that humanity converts to renewable resources will be easier and safer for humanity to convert. Therefore, all governments around the world should initiate incentives for businesses to convert to self sustaining practices.

Additionally, not all industries have options on how to convert to a self sustaining business model. Again, governments need to initiate incentives to develop new technologies to be able to convert to self sustaining practices.

As you can logically realize, humanity does not have any other options but to convert to a self sustaining society. Therefore, please contact your government’s leaders and ask for a more stable future by converting to renewable resources sooner, because the only future is a sustainable future.

by Phil for Humanity
on 10/28/2007

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