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Universal Human Rights

With all the human rights violations throughout the world, I am disappointed that no one has ever attempted to have each nation pass a treaty to guarantee human rights for all people and not just their own citizens.

In 1948, the United Nations came the closest by proclaiming a Universal Declaration of Human Rights that formally defined human rights for each and every person without exception. However, no country has agreed to abide to all of these universal human rights as a rule of law.

So, I would like to throw down this challenge to each country and every governing organization, such as the United Nations, to accept the following holistic, inalienable, and universal human rights as a binding contract to all of humanity.
  1. No Slavery: To not allow slavery.
  2. No Genocide: To not allow genocide.
  3. Democracy: All people of adult age can periodically vote to elect their representatives in their democratic republic for the opportunity to change their government as they deem necessary.
  4. Equality: All people shall be treated equally and fairly by all governments, organizations, and corporations regardless of race, class, politics, religion, cast, wealth, political power, family, fame, gender, sexuality, opinion, belief, speech, nationality, language, etc.
  5. Law: No person shall be punished without due process in a fair court of law. Each person shall be innocent until proven guilty.
  6. Freedom/Liberty: Each person shall have the freedom of religion, opinion, speech, employment, belief, education, movement, marriage, security, sexuality, and another other personal preference, including the liberty of changing their personal preferences.
  7. Property: All people shall have the ability to own property, including land, wealth, resources, assets, etc.
  8. Survival Needs: All people shall have access to medicine, food, shelter, clothes, and water for the basic survival needs.

by Phil for Humanity
on 09/21/2007

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