Phil for Humanity Phil for Humanity
A Guide for the Survival of Humankind and Helping the World, Society, and Yourself.

Articles to Help Save Humanity

  1. A Better Purpose for NASA
  2. A Cure for What Ails Humanity
  3. A Letter to God (if you exist)
  4. A Plan to Destroy All Weapons of Mass Destruction
  5. Alleviating Pollution in Cities
  6. An Analysis of Reasons for Allowing and Denying Gun Ownership
  7. Burning Coal is Good
  8. Curing Diseases in Order of Importance
  9. Deforestation and Global Warming
  10. Disposing of Nuclear Waste
  11. Does Global Warming Cause Earthquakes?
  12. Economic Profit versus Environmental Safety
  13. Ending the Hatred and Conflicts in the Middle East
  14. Environmentalism versus Humanitism
  15. Free eBook: Saving Humanity
  16. Global Warming: Mankind's Greatest Threat
  17. Great Money Comes with Great Responsibility
  18. Helping Humanity
  19. How Humanity can Survive an Erupting Super-Volcano
  20. How Long Can the World Sustain the World's Population?
  21. How to Help Humanity
  22. How to Survive the Next Ice Age
  23. Humanity's Responsibilities
  24. Is Humanity Worth Saving?
  25. Mankind Seriously Need
  26. Mass Extinctions are Natural
  27. Mitigating Rising Sea Levels
  28. Neutralizing Radioactive Waste
  29. No One has the Right to Pollute
  30. Options for Asteroids Heading Towards Earth
  31. People are Stupid
  32. Population Control
  33. Proving Global Warming
  34. Reasons For and Against Human Cloning
  35. Serving Humanity
  36. Socioeconomic Stability
  37. Solutions for Saving the Planet and Humanity
  38. Solving Air Pollution
  39. Solving Global Warming Will Temporarily Cause Higher Temperatures
  40. Some Impediments to any Solutions for Humanity
  41. Space Exploration: Humans versus Robots
  42. Technologies Humanity Needs to Survive
  43. Terraforming Earth
  44. The Controversy over Stem Cell Research
  45. The End of Man
  46. The Fundamental Problem with Population Control
  47. The Future of Evolution
  48. The Only Future is a Sustainable Future
  49. The Problem with Space Debris and Possible Solutions
  50. The Pros and Cons of GMOs
  51. The True Reasons for Terrorism, Why Terrorism Fails, and How to Stop Terrorism
  52. Universal Human Rights
  53. Volcanoes versus Global Warming
  54. Waste Water Treatment can Reverse Global Warming
  55. What You Can Do
  56. Why Humanity Needs to Understand, Predict, and Control the Environment
  57. Why We Must Act to Prevent Global Warming
  58. Why the Moon will Never be Colonized
  59. Why there is Little Concern for the Environment